DESIGNER     市毛 綾乃


2002.10     中川瞬とともにbanal chic bizarreを立ち上げる

2008.09     TOKYO COLLECTION期間中にショー形式でのコレクションを発表

2012.03     出産の為デザイナーを退任

2013.04     産休期間を経て2014 S/S COLLECTIONより NON TOKYO開始



DESIGNER  Ayano Ichige


Started working as designers of banalchicbizarre with Shun Nakagawa in 2002 October.

Presented collection at Runway show in 2005 of TOKYO COLLECTION.

The retired designer of banalchicbizarre for the March 2012 birth.

Started NON TOKYO of 2014 spring and summer collection in April 2013 through the maternity leave.